How to choose which treatment is best for you.

Sports massage/massage therapy/deep tissue massage

Sports massage/massage therapy/deep tissue massage is a safe and effective way of working into the muscles and soft tissues. This is a hands on therapy with oil on the skin that uses a range of techniques which works methodically into the muscles and is a relaxing and provides very effective pain relief. It can aid recovery and is great for injury prevention and maintenance to help you in your job, your sport or just for relaxation. During your consultation we will work together to determine what you want from your treatment and work accordingly.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is very much hands on and uses a lot of different massage techniques. Treatment options include sport and remedial massage techniques, dry needling, myofascial release, kinesio taping, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, Osteopathic articulations, and exercises advice to do at home. Soft tissue therapy is extremely effective in helping with muscular skeletal pain and postural related problems as well as sports injuries, overuse injuries as well as working with pre-exisiting medical and mobility conditions.


Myofascial Release

Fascia is everything that isn’t our muscles, bones and organs. It surrounds all our tissues and is the continuous web of highly elastic and strong tissue which protects and supports our body. All the fascia is connected and by working on one area can release pain through the whole body. This therapy provides a hands on technique for mobilising and unwinding the fascia. It is highly effective in assisting with the pain, postural disfunction.


Dry Needling (Medical Acupuncture)

Dry needling uses fine acupuncture needles to release tight, painful areas of muscle and fascia. This therapy can use just one needle on a specific area of tissue or a few needles in a specific pattern to get an area to release. This is usually un-painful and can hardly be felt. Dry needling is great for easing tissue tension and spasm to help reduce pain. This will be discussed with you prior to treatment.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping uses stretchy tape and is a technique which is applied in a certain way to help ease pain and symptoms and improves function in certain areas.